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I have completely lost track of what this blog was going to be about. There will be a lot of U2, whatever (or whoever) else strikes my fancy or amuses me. I refuse to develop a thing for Tom Hiddleston, so he can just stop. I am on a quest to get healthy and will be posting about that as well.


 I think it was Edge who once described me as “A nice bunch of guys”. 

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Marvel’s Chris trifecta

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Finally I can photobomb myself!

Benedict Cumberbatch, on becoming a wax figurine at Madame Tussauds London


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I swear to god I will stop this man.

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magicandmovies asked: Cumberbatch or Hiddleston

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I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

wait for iiiitt……

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So I saw this on my Instagram dashboard and the last song I listened to was Take On The World….

Sooo it would be Take On The World In Misha’s Pants, I literally laughed for ten minutes!! Lol! :D

Demons in Misha’s pants…

The Parting Glass in Misha’s Pants

Preacher in Misha’s Pants. Oh.

What I’ve Done in Misha’s Pants

Satellites in Misha’s pants

Safe and sound in Misha’s pants. Yup. 

Armitage Shanks in Misha’s Pants

Buried Alive in Misha’s pants.

We Belong in Misha’s Pants

Eight Days A Week in Misha’s Pants

My Sad Captains in Misha’s Pants

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If you don’t think the way “An Cat Dubh” fades into “Into The Heart” is the tightest thing - then get out!!!

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a kid from my school sent me a pic an elaborate painting of atticus finch shirtless smoking a blunt while a colt 45 is being poured on him along with a text that read “hot dad 2: dad harder” and this is the closest thing to a sext I have ever received

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You neglected to mention the Tupac and Biggie cherubs how dare you.

look there’s a lot going on here it makes perfect sense that they’d forget some details

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♕ Infinite list of Flawless People who will ruin your life - “When you’re thrown into something so young, you don’t think about it too much. I was an only child, so it took me a while to form friends because my step dad was the headmaster, and I had an accent for a while, but it was still early and you just sort of suck in everything at that age..” — Sebastian Stan

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…was SOOOO BOOOORING. I worked and everyone is down the shore so no one wanted to play with makeup.  If they did want to play with it, they sure as hell didn’t buy. Ugh. 

I did get the shredded buffalo chicken in the crock pot this morning, so I finished making that when I got home. It is amazing! I tested the 1 point blue cheese dressing I made as well (definitely needs to sit overnight for the flavors to blend) but that’s great too! Tomorrow’s dinner will be a buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese dressing and a side salad for a total of 8 points. Is it bad I’m already excited about it? 

Got a walk in after dinner. Since I have my dinner all made for tomorrow, I think I’m going to go for a swim in the evening. I hate working until almost 7, it messes up your evening routine. Tuesday I have a breakfast meeting at a restaurant. That will be interesting. It is hard trying to plan for stuff when you have no clue what will be served. It will be a buffet, so I will load up on the fruit. Hmmm. Will have to watch that day. They will serve breakfast, but the meeting will go to 3ish, so it will be too late to eat a real lunch after. Oooh! I can get a smoothie on my way home! Glad I talked that one out. ;)

Here be recipe links:

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken from

Low Fat Blue Cheese Dressing from

slimm-d0wn replied to your post “Day 9 continued and concluded”

Just a tip: Weight Watchers sells fudge pops that are only 1 point! :)

They were out! They had the ice cream ones, but not the fudge pops. There was a great need for fudge pops. ;)  Right now I still feel like I have a lot of points on a normal day, but will definitely have to seek out the WW ones once I lose some points. Thank you!!!